The conquest of the American West
is a story full of
adventures and legends

The Santa Fe Trail was the route that helped make this achievement possible. For over half a century, from 1820 until the completion of the railroads in 1880, the Santa Fe Trail was the main commercial link between the U.S. and the silver from Spanish Mexico. From the ports of the Missouri River, it ran along the Arkansas River until it divided into two: the Mountain Branch trail, which took longer, with strong rises and falls, and the Jornada del Muerto trail, which was faster, however, as the name suggests, was much more dangerous crossing arid plains. Both were again united before climbing the Sangre de Cristo mountains that led to Santa Fe, which is now the capital of New Mexico.

Santa Fe

The adventurous spirit
of those times
is engraved
in the Santa Fe doors
of the Charm Collection.

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